It's A Snap!

Sometimes...out of 60ish photos, you snap good ones.

I snapped these before Church today--it is hard to snap photos of my littles outside these days with the chilly Minnesota air (the windchill was 0° this morning when I woke up). 

So, I have to do some bribing
 for some indoor "cheese!"

With everyone looking so dapper, I grabbed my camera. I know it probably seems like I take photos ALL THE TIME but I really haven't taken very many of my kids this month. Sundays I should take at least one every morning before Church--since everyone looks so cute. As all Moms know...cute clothes does NOT magically create happy-to-be-photographed children. Luckily, the digital age makes it easy to keep snapping 'till you get something that works.

Mr. H dutifully held up a blanket for my backdrop (most any solid color blanket will do, as long as your focal point is the subjects & t he blanket isn't right up next to them). The best light comes from NORTH or SOUTH facing windows. This light is coming from the window in Miss N's room (north facing).

Miss N: almost 2                   J: 5                              Mr. N: 2

And I updated my FB cover photo...

Tonight, Mr. H snapped this one.

Oh this girl...we have some good laughs. 
Her green eyes & blonde whisps. I can't get enough!

As a Mom, I have to make a conscious effort to ask Mr. H--when he is home-- to take photos of me with my kids. Otherwise, all that I have in my files of photos are photos of them, or them with Dad, or them with friends. Where was MOM?

Behind the lens.
Making the snap happen.

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