Top 10 Most Visited

I don't have a lot of time today 
typical busy Saturday that take us in different directions with a long list of To Do's...!

I've already been out, had a babysitter, came home, got the kids ready, cleaned the kitchen...and Trevor's still not home from his morning responsibilities (a move). 
When he gets home we'll be out the door again. *Sheesh*


Here are my top 10 most visited websites.
Pretty vanilla. Is your list similar?

1. Google account (gmail, drive, calendar, youtube, google maps, info searches, etc. etc. etc)

2.  Pandora  for the soundtrack of my day (Michael Buble Holiday station is my current fav)

3. (Sunday lessons, ward directory, calendar, talks, videos, etc)

5. Facebook...cuz I can't quit it (& it's my best way to stay in touch with several favorites)

6. Pinterest...cuz--ideas, I just feel crafty by looking at them  (plus holiday ideas + recipes + preschool/homeschool resource lists)

7. Hulu--who needs cable? (We  need to delete our Netflix account...)

8. PicMonkey "Photo editing made of win"--can't argue

9. Blogger -NaBloPoMo is keeping me on a daily commitment, but ever since blog reader went away, I don't keep up with my friends blogs anymore (hate/love?)

10. TIE: craigslist or amazon or various news sites

What's on your top visited list?

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Katie Bradley said...

You need to add Feedly! My replacement to Reader. On top of my list is Gmail, Feedly, Blogger, Flickr, Facebook. Runners up are Weather, Netflix, IMDB, Pandora, Pinterest, library.