One Month Shy

My little Miss N 
has one more month 
of her 2nd year 
before she officially turns 


This is what our family looked like when we were newly pregnant with baby #3. We were living in Illinois in a cozy townhouse with our toddler J and baby N. 

After finding out we were pregnant, I kept having the thought of twins come to my mind. I told Trevor and he laughed. I laughed too--how crazy would that be? We already felt like we were having twins since little boy N was only 7 months old when we got pregnant. At an early ultrasound, we learned that there was, in fact, originally bunk bed style set up for twins, but that we now had one healthy growing baby. We were so grateful!

A few weeks before we moved to Minnesota, we went on a date to find out the gender of the little one. On the drive to the ultrasound location, the song "Daughters" by John Mayer came on the radio. We looked at each other but didn't say a thing. We both wanted a girl to join our family but didn't want to say it out loud until it was confirmed. was! We left with a pink balloon. It felt like we walked on clouds for the rest of our evening. PINK!

We moved that summer (3rd summer in a row, 2nd summer pregnant) from Chicagoland to the Twin Cities. I found a great midwife-ish OB and support team and we started preparing for a VBA2C.  I felt grateful every day for this new little person that would soon join our family. We made new friends that threw a baby shower for us and encircled us with love and support. This is what my middle was looking like in November 2011...just one month from her due date of 12/13/11.

On the morning of her due date, around 8am, I started having more consistent contractions. I wondered if she would actually be born on her due date. J was born 1 week early (39 weeks) and N was born 1 week late (41 weeks) so during this entire pregnancy I said "wouldn't it be cool if she was born at 40 weeks--on her due date!"

I labored at home as long as I could and then within three hours of being at the hospital (a stark contrast from my previous two 24 hour labors ending in c-sections), we met our baby girl. Want more of the story than that? Head over here for the real deal.

We were smitten from the beginning. 
I had given birth to a 10 lb 4 oz chunk of love.

She looked like a carbon copy of our baby J.
Seriously, though.

And now...look at this little princess!

She walks, runs, talks, jumps, squeals, giggles, pushes, opens, climbs, builds, plays, dances, and sings. Her days are full of boundless energy and magical discoveries. I still can't get over her punctuality...being born on her due date. Maybe she'll be a better time manager than her Mama.

As it is, I can barely keep up with time's rapid moving rhythms. 
One more month before we will call her a two year old.
Since I obviously can't stop the clock,
I think I'll go give my baby girl another squeeze.

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Katie Bradley said...

Oh my, she was born looking exactly like she does now!

Emily Johnson said...

It's amazing how much little Miss N is growing up! Love her and love you!