Today is the 29th!

It's my Daddy's birthday, y'all!

Remember last week I posted for my Mom's birthday? Their birthday's are 1 year and 1 week apart.

10 things about my Dad:

1-He is very handsome. Ask my Mom. But really--I had friends in HS comment on how handsome my Dad was.

2- I used to look like my Mom (blue eyes, cute little nose, etc) but when I got my grown up nose & big mouth...well, now I look a lot like him--I went to some work function with him once and was picked out immediately--"You're Andrew's daughter, aren't you?" Tagged. I'm it.

Not on this list, but certainly true: my Dad is fantastic Granddaddy!

3. My Dad's name is Andrew...Jackson! Though not born in TN, he has shared his name with pride (also he has been the president of his speech club and other organizations over the years...thus called "President Jackson")

4. My Dad was born on the way to the hospital. That's right--not enough time to get there. I can't imagine, but my sweet grandmother birthed her baby boy in a studebaker! 

5. My Dad is a very hard worker. I think he learned that from his hardworking parents and grandparents (Montana people are hard core)

6. My Dad served a mission in Sweden. We have kept his mission memories alive with Swedish Christmas music, little songs, and smorgasbords during the holidays. Now we love to bring Dad to IKEA :) (just saw that there will be one built in St. Louis! Exciting!) Also--my name is derived from a Swedish word that means "dear"--like "querida" in Spanish.

7. My Dad is kind of a genius (as are all of my brothers)--it means he has an answer for most everything, and if he doesn't, he'll make it up and make it sound legit.

8. When I was a teenager, my Dad told me that every time he saw my Mom enter a room, his heart skipped a beat--and that is the kind of love I looked for in a future spouse.

9. My Dad was so sunburned on a trip to Mexico that he wore socks on his arms when he went to play in the ocean. We call him lobster arms to this day. (No, we don't...but we should, don't you think?)

10. My Dad makes waffles for his family every Sunday night--he adds surprise ingredients and experiments with new flavors/additions often. It is one of the favorite things about being home--Dad's waffles.

I love you, man.

Thanks for being awesome and teaching your family from your example! Happy birthday!!

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Linda said...

Dad says...thankyou for a wonderful Birthday are very kind and a wonderful daughter.

I say, wow, good for you being so sick and all! and you are a very kind and wonderful daughter. And you do look like your dad! which I love, you are both beautiful!