Thankful Thursday: February 6th & 13th 2014

I'm Thankful For:

February 6, 2014
-cookie dough 
-calls from friends
-excitement for doula training (started today--this is happening!)
-yoga pants (see above: cookie dough...squeezing into jeans, meh)
-family home evening
-warm gloves
-Mr. H's "I love you" texts
-the beginning of a new month
-February birthdays & love
-amazing friends that STEP UP and INTO my life when I wave a call for help (seriously. awesome. friends)
-the ease of communication
-birds chirping out my window (do they think spring is coming?)
-playing matching games with the preschooler
-playing reading games with the kindergartener
-playing  jumping games with the pre-preschooler
-rejuvenating sleep
-answered prayers

February 13, 2014
-the Lindt chocolates in my cabinet (thanks, sweetie!)
-bread rising
-polka dotted socks
-happy friends for my children to play with
-our successful RS cookie decorating/delivering activity last night
-many ways to feel & share love, especially on Valentiney week!
-colorful flowers for gifting
-deep sleep
-clean sheets
-folded laundry (& put away!)
-my amazing Mr. H & his home week that has allowed me to GO and DO
-intellectually stimulating conversations
-temple visit w/my prz girls
-cloudy days (yes, I like 'em!)
-hearing little giggles down the hallway & back again (race time!)
-an incredible weekend of learning, sharing, & knowledge accumulations
-my doula training certificate (holla! officially DONA trained!)
-birthy talk
-our local firehouse (& our awesome preschool tour)
-a clean playroom
-a tornado-infused-messy playroom
-meditation time
-friends who inspire & uplift
-finding the external drive with all of our Portugal 2007 trip pics
-quiet reminders that life is good

That's it for this double-it-up Thankful Thursday.


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