Thankful Thursday: February 20th, 2014

I'm Thankful For:

-this snowy day (watching it from the inside is always lovely)
-the power of positive words
-moments orchestrated by divine influence
-notebook paper
-two 40° days in a row (and the outside fun)
-a good nights rest (last night!)
-cuddles with sick babies
-cuddles with healthy babies
-easy dinners
-the kind sample lady at Costco with round glasses who always compliments me and my children
-our vehicles--not new or fancy, but functional!
-yoga pants
-happy texts
-ease of information gathering
-starry nights
-sunny days
-Mr. J's inquisitive and vocal nature
-Mr. N's curious and adventurous nature
-Miss N's tender and easily-entertained nature
-Mr. H's listening ear
-my broom
-the color yellow
-the chance to let other people's goodness rub off on me
-little giggles in the morning
-countless tender mercies that remind me there is a God, He knows us and His nurturing arms are extended to us...we just need to look up

Feeling grateful. 
It's Thursday. 
The snow is falling fast
 & Mr. H is on his way home from Texas.

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