Thankful Thursday: October 29, 2015

Today was a busy day--we woke up late, 
rushed to eat up the oatmeal bowls, brush teeth, 
get socks on (and the rest), 
throw on the costumes, pack the lunches,
 and then they were off...
(all of this in 20 minutes--only because these boys are awesome)
It's Thursday which is also the 2nd grader & kinder's 
homeschool co-op class day!

They're gone much of the day
and we have our friend Miss C here (she's 3)
and it's a bundle of busy fun.

And Thursdays are for thankfulness...

I'm Thankful For:

-Mr. H's job. I have to say this because I've been feeling increasingly negative about him not being here, especially in moments of chaos (ahem...last night's trunk-or-treat). I don't want to hate his job and I don't want to be mad at him--but I've been feeling a range of negativity and so I need to start my thankful list today saying how GOOD IT IS to have a job that supports our family, supports our needs and extras, and allows me to be a SAHM...which has always been the things I've most wanted in all of the world. So. Dreams. They do take sacrifices. I'm grateful. (Incidentally, Mr. H is in UT this week---enjoying eats at J Dawgs, Steven's hot cocoa, & breathing in the mountain air. Maybe I'm just jealous?)
-our home, which we've been living in now for THREE YEARS!
-our vehicles that, as aged as they might be, still look lovely and function even lovelier
-hot water (seriously)
-new windows (we invested in several new windows earlier this year--now we are inching closer to winter when it really counts--looking forward to NO ICE inside our house...maybe??)
-the internets (because, let's be honest--would I really be homeschooling without the ease of information gathering/idea sharing/teaching tools right at my fingertips?...and oh that social media & keeping in touch with friends & family...)
-the MamaRoo (it's a newfangled "baby swing" that does more of a bounce than a swing--a baby gift from my in-laws--that is worth it's weight in gold (though I'd likely not pay that much))
-my new master bedroom (upgrades! new paints! new trims! new lighting! and still empty as our new king sized bed sits in our living room, awaiting it's fate)
-pink owl slippers (it's getting cold in here!!)
-having good (mostly) sleepers in our family
-healthy kiddos (besides the random cold/flu, we are feeling pretty grateful for this blessing)
-happy songs 
-pants that are getting too big (and a box of smaller sizes just waiting for me!)
-hand written notes...I received one today that MADE MY AFTERNOON!
-potty trained kids
-art projects with my littles (we painted monsters yesterday!)
-high quality friendships (the kind that don't judge and with whom you can sit in silence and it still be ok)
-the excitement of holidays and traditions
-the sound of rain hitting the window (and you know...the snow we had yesterday)
-hummus & cucumbers
-Amazon prime (but really)
-my babywearing friends who have given my courage to try out the wrapping thing (and now, with babe #4, I love it)
-my highly motivated 7 year old (5 minutes into being home: "Mom, want me to wash out my lunch box??" uhh. yes.)
-my hilariously entertaining 5 year old ("Mom! Look into my eyes..." holds up chocolate eyeballs over his eyelids)
-my high fashion 3 year old (after 3 wardrobe changes this morning "Mom, this totally matches you. I am wearing it.")
-my hungry 6 month old (can you say growth spurt??) who fires up my soul with love and sweetness
-my mother who gives endless encouragement
-Sharpie pens (had a blast making pumpkin faces on clementines yesterday!)
-Mr. H being willing to wear the babe on Sundays (so I can teach my RS lesson without 2 extra arms grabbing at my hair...)
-forgiveness (there are few things more valuable than this)

That's all for now, 
my oven is beeping at me...
that bread is done baking 
and my littles 
are following their noses up the stairs. 

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