Thankful Thursday: November 5th, 2015

you sweet thang.

You waltz into place with your long robes of orange-golden splendor. You twirl through the air, leaving colorful confetti in your wake. At sunset, your brisk pace rustles October's crunchy leaves and temperatures rise and fall to your pleasure. You are distracted with the fall harvest while your warmest afternoons remind us of our summer days. Your heart is full of bounty, and we are recipients of your gifts. Our hearts fill with is the season you bring to our attention, and thanksgiving energy overflows from your handwoven baskets.

I'm Thankful For:

-quick rainstorms (and sunshine after!)
-fall colors
-the swift swirls of windmills
-reasons to dress up (and recycled costumes, year after year!)
-warm lentil soup
-seasonal traditions
-a not-too-cold evening for Halloween neighborhood walking
-feeling SUPER! sometimes. 
-knowing I can BE super. always
-Sundays to reset for the new week
-fresh bread & buttah
-Mr. H's encouraging words
-happy (in general) children 
-playdates with friends
-small trips
-hotel pools with the kids (it's as good as disneyland, for reals)
-sushi with the Mr.
-catching up with favorite, long time friends
-learning about Church history through my kids' eyes
-temples all around the world (saw the Winter Quarters Temple this week & the Lisbon, Portugal temple groundbreaking happens one month from TODAY!)
-cozy jackets
-clementines & avocados
-big beds
-band aides
-Mr. H's can-do attitude
-our first van that still takes us on adventures (2002 Toyota Sienna)
-kind friends who gather our mail, take our trash to the road, and watch our casa when we're away
-fresh salads
-easy travel hair (after years of wishing for curls, I'm grateful for my straight hair)
-early morning snuggles with my 6 month old princess
-afternoon reading snuggles with my almost-4 year old princess
-morning breakfast stories with my 5 year old
-late night cleaning projects with my 7 year old
-project planning with my Mr. (who really DOES most of the work to make my vision come to life!)
-fluffy pillows
-the innocence of youth

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