Thankful Thursday: December 24th, December 31st, 2015

Feeling THANKFUL on these special EVES...we have been wonderfully, joyfully busy. 

We all got over our colds/flus before the holidays and Mr. H had a fantastic break from work. We enjoyed surprises, games, movies, outings, food, late nights, and late mornings. It has been dreamy. And did I mention my parents & brother decided to come last minute? They did. And we surprised the kids. It was amazing!

December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve!
{-->The Tennessee crew arrived after the kids were snuggled in their beds (sugarplums dancing, for sure!), we visited, brought out the stockings & wrapped goods, nibbled on Santa's treats, then all went to bed with a plan for their 'arrival' tomorrow morning!}

I'm Thankful for:

-the fun crafting time with the kids...30+ nativity ornaments to share
-our first (annual!) caroling at a nursing home, and with friends! we gave out many of those nativity ornaments and felt the joy of that special kind of giving
-practices on the piano, Christmas carols with my kids, and listening to the Mormon Channel 24-7 Christmas music
-keeping our kitchen busy with delicious treats to gift to friends (chocolate covered pretzels & peppermint bark)
-Mr. H's two weeks of holiday vacay (woot!)
-a last minute invite to my parents & bro to come up from Tennessee (and a warmer-than-normal December with which to woo them!)
-all day cleaning/de-cluttering/organizing frenzy that got us ready for our visitors and the upcoming new year
-this extra special Christmas, with our new baby and our 3 celebrate and learn together about our Savior Jesus Christ

December 31, 2015

New Year's Eve!

{We spent the day at Como Zoo, the kids used their Wal Mart gift cards from Granny Rose, then we partied it up with Costco pizza at home! Now the kids have been in bed for a couple of hours (except Miss A, because, you know...she kind of stays up all night), and we're about to watch a movie...and ring in that new YEAR! Woot!}

I'm Thankful For:

-an incredibly awesome Christmas with giddy children and happy guests
-awesome gifts to share and use for years to come ("so many books, Mom!") and some fun surprises too
-great building projects: new IKEA kitchen, cardboard box rocket, backyard sledding hill 
-fun movies: the Peanuts Movie, Paddington, Inside Out, & The Count of Monte Cristo
-exciting games: An Eye Spy Explorer Game, wii games that the grands brought with them (that went back home with them for us to play again at their house) --boxing was a new hit this year!
-good books: began reading The Wonderful Adventures of Nils, read many library books, & several of the new ones!
-delicious eats: the smorgasboard, Granddaddy's waffles, Trevor's German pancakes, homemade stuffed breads, cookies
-connecting conversations--chatted with all my brothers, both sets of grands, and enjoyed all the Christmas cards we received
-our annual family live nativity
-the sledding hill 2 blocks away (and a fun sledding day after Christmas!)
-more snow to really enjoy some Minnesota mounds
-sweet goodbyes, getting our house back in order, & the sad (but also fulfilling) taking down of the Christmas decor
-quiet moments to reflect on last year and feel inspired by a new one
-the greatest gift of all--the gospel of Jesus Christ, God's love, and the chance to improve, forgive, change, and become--all because we are His

I'm Thankful for so much more, what a year! In my businesses--I enjoyed taking on many photography clients and a few doula/breastfeeding counseling clients. In our family--we added the baby that I prayed would join us. In our church group--I've taught lessons and had the chance to serve and be served in varying capacities. In our homeschooling--we've learned, experimented, questioned, read, played, and calculated. In our marriage, we travelled & celebrated eleven imperfect perfect years together. I could list so much more, but I am tired. And we want to start our New Year's Eve movie. And Miss A is tugging on my pants. :)

Blessings. Goodnight, 2015.

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Linda said...

that was a fun read! The warm memories will be a blessing!