Thankful Thursday: March 10, 2016

I'm Thankful For:

-slow spring mornings
-muddy (washable!) children
-the last of the snow pile melting down day by day
-photo prints
-the genuine nature of kids
-warm socks
-helpful books
-reviews from clients
-flowers that stay in bloom for a long time
-farm fresh eggs
-my gratitude calendar
-45 weeks with Miss A
-Mr. H's DIY attitude
-homemade toothpaste
-hot showers
-the many volunteers at church who make amazing things happen
-gifts of patience
-happy kids (even when they're sick)
-Mr. H's home week!
-plans to travel
-reminders of truth
-chats with my brothers
-when I wake up and realize IT WAS JUST A DREAM
-lego creations...all day long
-creative people who inspire me
-family stories
-family walks
-family prayers
-family cuddles

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