Joy Is An Act of Courage

Today is Monday
June 27th, 2016
it's one of those kinds of Mondays...

I am surrounded by unpacked, 
unorganized chaos of boxes 

my kids are detoxing from sweet grandparent attention

while I have made some acquaintances at Church
(who are so lovely and I see beautiful friendships in my future!)
I am feeling quite alone

I feel behind on almost every area of my To Do's

I didn't get the grocery shopping I meant to do on Saturday

and Mr. H left this morning
for a week of training
in Chicago.

. . .

All will be well.
But my joy 
feels a bit on the shallow side this morning

And then, this quote.

"to live joyfully you must be brave. 
True joy is not for the fainthearted. 
You must decide to be happy.

Joy is an act of courage. 

Joy will not abide until
 you make a conscious 
decision to treasure it."

(that was shared several weeks ago on one of my first Sundays here in Michigan!)

It reminds me that true joy
means we choose it
and we do so bravely
those kinds of Mondays.

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