It's November 1st:There's No Ranch Dressing In Your Lunch! (and a fresh, new round of NaBloPoMo)

After greeting our boys outside,
Mr. H walked in the door from a long work day
(he drove all the way to Traverse City today!)
and asked my how my day was.

Before I could answer (I didn't really have anything out-of-the ordinary to report) 
 in his favorite imitating-the-kids voice:
"Today hasn't been the best day, Mom has been cranky."

I giggled.
The voice he uses is kind of hilarious.

And then I sat up straight on the couch and furrowed my brow as I let the words sink in...

Like, that is the exact word they used?



  • we all slept in (lovely)
  • there was enough yogurt for everyone to choose their own flavor, and the new cereal box was opened (happiness)
  • we enjoyed a low key morning of book reading, candy counting/exchanging, and coloring before going to our homeschool gymnastics class (fabulous)
  • we stopped by the library and I re-checked out the library books that are missing somewhere in our house (temporary success)
  • the weather is unseasonably warm today (huzzah!)
  • I made lunch in little fun-divider lunch boxes (not an every day thing) complete with requested sandwiches, fresh fruit & veggies, & a bit of chocolate (yummy!)
  • I chose to rock Miss A after a melt down instead of just put her straight to naptime (and she fell asleep on me: heavenly)
  • Miss N agreed that she needed a nap too, and with some basic encouragement, she was out (winning!)
  • I got mega compliments on the clementines I bought yesterday ("these are so good, Mom. please buy them again. I love you!")
  • the kitchen table is clear (this always feels like a big deal to me)

So...I'm trying to figure out.
that "cranky" 
comment came from.

And then I remembered.

During Miss A's melt down (a new thing), I was also prepping lunches for the four. So, to clarify,  I was rushing to make all of these cute lunch box things whilst someone was screaming (which I'm not used to), and feeling pretty hangry myself (not to mention out of breath, as seems to happen a lot lately)--and then one of my darlings, when handed his box, said "I don't want this one and I DON'T LIKE RANCH DRESSING MOM!"

My head was already spinning.

And I was completely annoyed with the lack of gratitude and the fussy attitude demonstrated (not to mention the fact that there was NO ranch dressing included--merely a white paper towel underneath the snap peas) by someone whose age, experience, and general demeanor would typically have kept them from saying those words in that tone, in that order, in that moment.

But the words were said.
And my head was already feeling crazy.

SO, I *did* lose my patience in that moment.
I insisted that this IS their delicious lunch and there IS no ranch dressing and please go outside and enjoy this gorgeous day while I try to get your sister to calm down--my brain is feeling crazy right now!! <--not font="" in="" nicest="" the="" tone="">

And that's all it took to take an otherwise fine-and-dandy day (from my perspective) to "not the best day, Mom has been cranky" kind of day (from their perspective).


I don't think I'm alone in this experience, but I do know the few minutes of reviewing our Tuesday reminded me that--man, I can do better. Lots better! And with just that 1 minute of reaction--that's all that it was--

And then this quote was just waiting for me in my inbox:

"Let us remember, the most important work we do in our families is through the power of the Holy Ghost. Whenever we raise our voices in anger, the Spirit leaves our companionships and families. When we speak in love, the Spirit can be with us.

Let us remember that our children and grandchildren measure our love by how much devoted time we give them. Above all, don’t lose patience and don’t give up!"
—Robert D. Hales

Oh my.
Let us remember!
Let me remember--screaming toddlers, pressure to get lunch finished, and hunger-induced impatience (and all of the rest of *the things*)...none of it is worth losing patience, but all of it is worth showing extra love.

Today is the first day of November--one of my favorite months of the year. What a timely reminder to take deep breaths and switch those cranky Mom moments for opportunities to show patience and love. If only for my own self.

Now, where's that stash of Halloween candy...

Every day in November!  NaBloPoMo: National Blog Posting Month. Write a post on your blog every day in November. After a really massive break in my blogging, this will be the 4th year (not in a row, clearly), I've decided to tackle this challenge & enjoy the opportunity to switch to writing mode. I  have actually been looking forward to this for awhile--because I really do enjoy writing and don't make time to do it enough! Want to join me? Leave your blog link in the comments so I can follow you too! Or not. Does anyone follow blogs anymore? 

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Stephanie said...

What a great reminder, Shara! I certainly get cranky when kids are whining and not appreciative of my meal time efforts! I need to be more patient (and not hit the candy stash too hard afterwards!).