Ninjas, Monsters, & Heaven

After our wild & eventful summer, this fall we decided it was time add another *something new* to our schedule. We bought new clothes, new shoes, and committed to a weeknight + weekend morning every week.


We signed up "the brothers" (J: 8, N: 6) for the city league, and they were thrilled. N's team had purple uniforms, so his team became the Purple Monsters. J's team had black uniforms, so after some consideration, they became the Black Ninjas. Luckily both the ninjas and monsters had practice at the same field complex on the same weeknight (Wednesdays) and the adventure began!

Besides a few pick-up games with friends and the very brief intro at their summer sports camp, neither of our boys had played soccer before (or been on an organized team sport, now that I think of it). I let the (fabulous volunteer) coaches know that they had limited knowledge (J's team, especially, had many 'seasoned' players) and they jumped right in.

J quickly learned new terms, the rules of the game, and which position was his favorite (goalie). N liked to wander the field, and after a couple of hits in the face--preferred to distance himself from any major action.

We had the privilege of being fully inducted into the "soccer Mom/soccer Dad" experience by having early Saturday morning game slots, rainy games, muddy fields, and that panicked rush before practice "where is my other shin guard!?!?".

My parents were even here for the rainiest game day--and we all got soaked. Memories!

The season is over now. The uniforms are washed and put away. And N, who really kind of dreaded the games, said "let's sign up next year!"

When I questioned his request, he quickly replied "But Mom, on Saturdays you get special treats!" (After the games they got a nice sugary load in the form of a drink & snack)

While N is clearly motivated by sugar, J absolutely fell in love with all things soccer. He practices dribbling the ball around our yard daily, created "goals" with other yard toys, and asks his Dad to "play soccer" with him at every opportunity. The kids have gone back to the soccer fields a few times with Dad, and I've taken them to an indoor community center field a few times as well. 

Last night we were all in the backyard (last random warm night of fall?), eating dinner and playing. J was kicking his (now very worn) soccer ball and paused to ask "Is there soccer in heaven?"

I imagine all good things in heaven, and if soccer is one of the "good things" in your life...well, then...maybe so. Maybe so.


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