Thankful Thursday: November 3, 2016

Oh my goodness.

I don't know why I ever paused my Thankful Thursday posts, the time spent gathering my thoughts and focusing on the energy of gratitude is so very powerful for my heart, mind, and soul.

From the first Thursday post in November, last year:

you sweet thang.

You waltz into place with your long robes of orange-golden splendor. You twirl through the air, leaving colorful confetti in your wake. At sunset, your brisk pace rustles October's crunchy leaves and temperatures rise and fall to your pleasure. You are distracted with the fall harvest while your warmest afternoons remind us of our summer days. Your heart is full of bounty, and we are recipients of your gifts. Our hearts fill with is the season you bring to our attention, and thanksgiving energy overflows from your handwoven baskets.

Echoing these thoughts today. This is our first fall in our Michigan home--the leaves have my daily attention and I pull up all of the blinds on our east-facing windows to watch our backyard transform.

Today. I'm Thankful For:

-bright yellow leaves still holding tight in our backyard forest canopy
-check marks on my to-do list (that I started 2 days
-the chance to do a favor for someone else
-blue painters tape "streets" on my living room carpet this morning
-Primary music
-full, fluffy pillows
-washable crayons (! carpet! hard wood!--all fabulously washable)
-gracious dinner made by new friends
-soap. all the kinds of soaps I use throughout the day--body soap, face soap, hand soap, dishwashing soap, laundry soap
-easy, quick access to my washer & dryer
-Mr. H getting to be with us for most evenings, most dinners
-the super fun Halloween our kids had in our new neighborhood (so many decorated yards! all the houses welcoming! families and trick or treaters every.where.)
-chicken pot pie from Costco's bakery
-big kids who are so self sufficient
-a nice, long chat with my brother
-hearing my kids have fun conversations with my mother
-our Michigan house, slowly but surely becoming our home
-our backyard & favorite play space
-sidewalk chalk & all of the tic tac toes on our driveway
-hot chocolate
-stretchy, comfy pants
-the power of 10 seconds of courage
-our hilarious door bell (with 26 settings, including 2 Halloween options that were used on Monday)
-the power of a good walk outside
-disposable diapers
-J's excitement for soccer, cub scouts, and reading books
-Mr. N's thrill for discovering new things, drawing, and building new creations
-Miss N's love for coloring, making up new songs, and riding her bike
-Miss A's joy in swinging, playing with her little stuffed mice ("WeeWee"!), and piggyback rides
-Mr. H's willingness to drive to & fro, deal with difficult personalities, have his schedule radically changed at a minutes notice, and still come home a happy Dad ready to start new games, kick the soccer ball around, and get things done
-the truth that the right things don't always have to be the easiest, best fun, or most comfortable ones
-freedom in our daily schedule
-the ability to really, truly, absolutely be better!
-the countless blessings in my life, directly from God

...and more, as usual.

But that's it for now! Thankful you too?

Every day in November!  NaBloPoMo: National Blog Posting Month. Write a post on your blog every day in November. After a really massive break in my blogging, this will be the 4th year (not in a row, clearly), I've decided to tackle this challenge & enjoy the opportunity to switch to writing mode. I  have actually been looking forward to this for awhile--because I really do enjoy writing and don't make time to do it enough! Want to join me? Leave your blog link in the comments so I can follow you too! Or not. Does anyone follow blogs anymore? 

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