Thankful Thursday: January 12, 2017

It's January's 2nd Thursday!

And I'm full of grateful goods.

I'm Thankful For:

-my parents who are still, wonderfully, here from Tennessee...entertaining my crew, cleaning up messes, changing diapers (my Dad!), encouraging goodness, and guiding the days
-my Mr. who is ever encouraging and trying so hard to think of how to support me in my post partum hot-mess-ness
-my 8 year old who is such an obedient soul and willing helper
-my 6 year old who is such a creative genius and gentle baby holder
-my 5 year old who is such a spark of energy and happy dancer/entertainer
-my 1 year old who is morphing more and more into a BIG TODDLER every day
-my baby boy who completes our family in all the sweetest ways (and gave us a rare 5 hours of sleep one night!)
-our warm home
-our van that fits (just!) our family and keeps on keepin' on (since 2002)
-Mr. H's's not his favorite or my favorite, but it provides for our needs, wants, and wishes and really, what a blessing!
-my phone, on which I have hundreds, thousands of photos of memories and moments that make me smile and feel grateful for the days
-hot water to take soothing baths
-our neighborhood for my daily walks
-friends in our ward who have been so supportive and helpful
-uplifting messages and articles that give me hope and perspective
-friends that remind me of who I really am
-genius inventions
-homemade bread, grass-fed butter, and local honey 
-our king sized bed (this is the first time we've had so much space with a newborn at night--dreamy!)
-the family who has been picking J up for cub scouts so I don't have to get out on Wednesday evenings
-exciting changes and blessings for my brother B
-sweet cards in the mail from family and friends who've been praying for baby B
-baby B's healing fingers and toes
-our baby swings (yes we have two, yes we are using them both, yes our baby is a bit on the needy side)
-the way I feel when I look at the moon
-the awesome hoot of an owl that we noticed from our bedroom window last night
-the recliner that helps on heavy crying nights
-clean counters
-organized drawers
-the hope of a future day when I can clean more counters and organize all the drawers! lol
-the power of the Holy Ghost to inspire and enlighten
-the Book of Mormon and it's message of Christ's love and power, if we let Him in
-God's love, as seen in little moments all around.

So grateful. So much. And so tired.

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