January 16th: ONE MONTH of Baby B

8:05am on the 16th

*One month ago* today, the waiting and growing phase gave way for untapped strength. 

Time stopped--a new person was officially introduced to the world and, as it universally does, that moment changed everything. 

Outside, new snow fell from the sky like confetti and we, warm inside our watery cocoon, we cried in relief & joy. Celebration all around!

L: The last days of waiting...41 weeks, plus  R: The first minutes of holding...after 4 hours of labor (VBA2C water birth)

Dear Baby B,

We've been staring at you for one spectacular month now. You are abundantly loved. 

We adore your squooshyface, your squeaky sighs, and your head o'red. You have 4 little people around you all day who think you are the most amazing baby in the universe and 2 doting parents who are smitten. 

In fact, we even think you are cute when you crinkle your eyebrows, give your best grouch impression and cry (except at 2am...OK even then you are super cute). We are excited to cheer on your milestones and be part of your becoming.

Be patient with us, we are still becoming too♡

Yo Mama Bee

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