Thankful Thursday: January 19, 2017

I'm Thankful For:

-a slow moving Thursday morning (no one was up until 9am, my favorite way to start the day)
-Mr. H getting home from Chicago last night--exhausted, but still worked on a puzzle with us, was front-and-center for bedtime, switched some laundry, cleaned out 2 vacuum cleaners, and held Mr. B to help him get to sleep
-foggy mornings
-going to Target by myself
-newly organized spaces (pantry! bathroom closet! hallway closet!)
-soaking baths
-clarity in stepping away from a situation
-clean babies
-dance parties
-painting afternoons
-crafting mornings
-slippered feet
-surprises in the mail
-my parents--oh my goodness. Breakfasts, clean ups, lunches, clean ups, diaper changes, toddler wrangling, baby holding, big kid playing, bedtime routine-ing, read alouding, errand running, ice playing, snow shoveling, snow sledding, scripture discussing, rock painting, book reading, couch cuddling, movie watching, gingerbread building, cookie baking, dinner making, food buying, early morning holding, floor sweeping, dish washing, holiday celebrating, all-around-dream-make-come-true-ers--yesterday was *the goodbye day* and we are missing them like crazy!
-Mr. H's job (it's not our favorite, but it provides, so I'm focusing on gratitude)
-my (desktop) Mac turned back on!
-easy breakfasts
-Sunday night brownies
-skits with the kids
-big feelings on busy days
-clean spaces
-our washer & dryer--that are running almost every day! 
-big, juicy oranges
-happy babies

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