Thankful Thursday: February 16, 2017

First of all, I'm totally annoyed that it has been a full month since I last posted Thankful Thursdays--but in my defense my life is kind of a whirlwind right now (colicky baby=little sleep + winter sickness in my house + hibernating fog).

That said, I really do *NEED* to take time to focus only on the thankful thoughts--otherwise, all the other comparing and wishing and hoping and wondering and doubting--it all creeps in, and can feel ridiculous, overwhelming, and defeating. And ain't nobody got time for that. Seriously.

So! Today is Thursday AND it's the 16th, so this little guy? 


I can't even handle it. 
At his well visit today he weighed 13 lb 9.5 oz. and the doctor suggested 
we move up to size 2 diapers already...sheesh!

I'm Thankful For:

-my friend Erin S. who is consistently checking up on me, and sending words of encouragement--we barely bonded before our move but I really appreciated a bossom-buddy like connection and her words and advice have been so sweet for me during the last few months
-my friends the Lichtenbergs (they are in our ward, and she was our realtor) who came over today to hang out with the 4 so I could take B to his appointment...they read books, played games, and MADE CHOCOLATE COVERED STRAWBERRIES. who does that?! *sigh* They do. And I've been eating them. 
-all of the people who brought meals, sent prayers, did some grocery shopping, and reached out over the last two weeks that we've been sick (ahem: walking pneumonia for me and this virus thing for everyone else), it has been humbling to be taken care of, especially after we've already been served so fully after B's birth and when we had to go back to the hospital with him after Christmas
-the swing, bless it (B loves it and is currently napping in it)
-cozy socks
-swirly snowflakes--even though we've missed out on most of the major snowstorms this winter (which I'm always sad about, I love the snowstorms!)--we've had lots of days with swirly snow that has made me smile
-read aloud time with our family...we are currently reading The Green Ember and loving it
-limbo games (we've been playing them after dinner clean up and everyone loves the game!)
-nap time (bless.)
-our van that keeps chuggin' (17 years old now!)
-the good feeling of a made bed and organized drawers
-my Mom, ever offering advice and good thoughts and encouragement (I've needed it so much lately)
-sunny winter days
-the quiet glow of the white lights in our bedroom
-epsom salt soaking baths
-my handsome Valentine, who seriously does so much for me and puts up with all my me-ness
-my sweet little Valentines--who covered our home with punched out colorful paper hearts and made Valentine's day so special!
-my dishwasher & washing machine & everything else that makes my life easier and simpler and cleaner
-medicines (currently taking prednisone and antibiotics for the walking pneumonia)
-probiotics (to counter any gut imbalance)
-tissues (we've gone through wayyyy too many with all these runny noses around here)
-my friend Brittany who's daughter loves Miss N & who Miss N loves and who picks her up early in the morning for fun girl time
-awesome giggles from the toddler
-packages on my porch
-powerful scriptures
-cuddles with the 8 year old
-drawings by the 6 year old
-dance parties with the 5 year old
-snuggles with the babe (which is kind of all the time

I'm sure I have more. Much more.
 Every day is a gift.

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