Thankful Thursday: October 29th

It is 9:16am,
I am cuddled on our floral couch...
there is a stuffed monkey to my left
and a stuffed ferret to my right
(not real stuffed animals, the play ones)
my boy is coughing in his room
(still not quite awake)
and I am battling the leftover fears
from my midnight dreams

Do you do that?
Have crazy dreams that demand to be sorted out in the daylight?

I do. ALL the time.
I almost always remember my dreams,
and they are almost always as-real-as-anything when I wake up.

Sometimes Mr. H even gets scolded for something
that his replica did in my dreams.


Poor guy.

Besides the crazy dreams with chasing or other such frustrating/scary scenes---I love the seemingly magical escape that dreams offer.

One of my favorite childhood dreams was that I could walk around on the bottom of the ocean, enjoying the unique display of water life, flittering around as I pleased--without an oxygen tank. I could breathe under water! It was awesome.

Another favorite childhood dream turned me into a princess. With purple sparkly everything. I lived in a castle, I was completely carefree, and I could prance around my kingdom giving out sparkly treats every day. Of course there was a matching prince on those dreams...

Sometimes my dreams answer a question I have:

When I was pregnant--before that 20 week ultrasound--I dreamt that we were having a boy (and then, because of all of those crazy pregnancy hormones, the dream went on to get crazier & crazier). I chose to forget the crazier parts of that dream, and imagined our darling baby boy.

If I am working on a particularly important project, presentation, or lesson, I will often dream of ideas of how to better accomplish my goal--the problem then is, making sure I write it down!

Dreams are fascinating, aren't they?

I am thankful for the dreams that give us the escape we need--after a long day of busy life. I am thankful for a husband who wakes up with me when I'm having a bad dream (ok, I make him wake up!)--and holds me until I fall asleep again. I am thankful for the tradition of dream-sharing that I have with my mother (she also remembers her crazy dreams & we swap stories regularly). I am thankful for the beauty of the happy dreams...the dreams that pull us gracefully & gently from yesterday to today.

And in the same way...this week is like a dream, isn't it?
We get to imagine a new character for ourselves...get into costume & act out an imaginary life...a dream!

Tonight we are going as 1980's personalities for a murder mystery party.

And tomorrow night we are going as an OSHA team (go figure. not too far from reality for *some* of us...hmm just trying to use what we have...hA!)

What is your favorite happy dream?
and what kind of dream will you be enjoying this week for Halloween?


What I've Learned So Far ..... said...

That is so funny that you would be talking about dreams! Last night, poor Johnnie had to wake me twice -- I barely remember it. But I remember hearing myself and him tentatively asking, "Are you laughing or crying???" I was laughing. Both times. Just can't remember why. But at least I was happy and amused wherever I had been! ;)

Linda said...

I helped at the Fall Fest at church tonight...clean up duty for me! I came home exhausted. We have more people show up for the Fall Fest than any other thing. I get it, parents and grandparents are really quite happy to have a safe fun place to bring their kids...people invite friends -the kids are thrilled to put on their costumes as many times as they can. I feel thankful that tomorrow, I am off duty should I choose to be. With no kids home I can choose to just keep the light off and ignore Halloween. I don't even really feel guilty about it. I enjoyed seeing all the folks in costume tonight. We had a dynamite 3 year old Elvis, and some great couples. I kind of went as ME. We had endless chili, and SO MANY cupcakes at the cakewalk. I am thankful that we got all the crumbs up! I hope I don't dream of more clean up duty.

JosephJ said...

I routinely dream about flying. Two forms: One, the kind where you have to work really hard flapping just to get 20 or 30 feet off the ground. I imagine that's about how chickens and turkeys feel. They can do it, it just takes alot of work. I wonder if I am enjoying visions of Thanksgiving dinners- Past. ?

The other is the kind where I can get a running start and pick up my feet and just kind of hover over the terrain. Much the same sensation as when you jump down a whole flight of stairs (you'll have to try that sometime.) I had another one of those last night, and I was doing my hover/flying moves to impress Ian. He really liked it. :)