Thankful Thursday: November 5th

Ah, November!

Your sweet reminders of gratitude and early morning sunshine have caught my attention. So many dear friends are blogging "30 days of thanks" and other such extra-thankful posts, I just love it! It is invigorating to share our gratitude with others, and uplifting to be on the other side--reading those thankful thoughts. I considered joining the 30-days theme but decided to stick with Thankful Thursdays, at least this time.

Do you feel it in the air?
(Besides the colder air itself?)
The thick blends of fall colors--oranges, browns, rich reds, and comforting sunset hues.

November is comforting, isn't it?
We are sipping apple cider as we make our Thanksgiving plans...
Turkeys go on sale and the pie filling sections at the grocery stores become very popular
Making plans to spend time with family and friends...
Scarves, mittens, coats --come out full force
Movie trailors tempt us to go to the theatres & the shopping sales are starting to glisten
Sparkling with gifts galore, who is on your Christmas list this year?
Chimney tops are smokin', adding feature to the valley landscape
And we cuddle up with blanket throws--it's already dark when Daddy gets home!


I am thankful for the turkeys, pie fillings, & gravies of Thanksgiving pasts...
17 years at home with my family
4 years as a student away
2 Novembers in Portugal
5 Thanksgivings with the luxury of feast #1 (Mr. H's family) & feast #2 (My family)
Which brings us to this year (yup, add 1 more year to those #s & that is how old I am. Don't remind me)
Our very first Thanksgiving away from our families--as a family of our own!
I'm thankful that we have this on-our-own adventure, it is thrilling to me. We are making our place, blooming where we are (oh-so-temporarily?) planted.

Don't get me wrong--We are grateful to our families who support us & send southern love our way. And will be home for Christmas & New Years, you can bet your bippy!

There is just something special in the air about enjoying this holiday here & making new traditions just us. I am thankful for that energy that I feel & that the excitement helps us to enjoy every day of this adventure; I am grateful that our attitudes do not include an aching for home but a gladness for now.

I am thankful that the theme of the month is THANKS, and that so many in our country are celebrating their blessings, like one big family. Dysfunctional as we may be (our entire national family), we are so blessed--and to ignore those blessings would be a tragedy.

Lastly, I am thankful for amazing people
who help me remember all of the little things
& I am humbled by the challenges they face

Such as, Stephanie Nielson, who's post today was especially heart-pulling
I feel like I know her, I have followed her story since her airplane accident last year...

Another amazing example is my cousin Vic & his wife Molly, who lost their darling Lucy last year. Molly has created a new online community for healing and hope--it is amazing. Be sure to check it out: A GOOD GRIEF. Because, really--aren't we all in need of healing & hope?

These women inspire me--Molly & Nie. They carry heavy hearts, but they are not giving up. They are being pulled forward by their faith and hope, and they are blessing so many lives along their way. Thank you Molly. Thank you, Nie. You have changed my life for good.

Who inspires you?

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