Thankful Thursday: December 10th

This morning I am reflecting
Thankfully grazing
on the decisions we make

that change our future
(without the full picture)

Pointing directionally up
to the One who sees today, yesterday, and tomorrow
who softly whispers
which way to go.

If we listen
we have a moment to choose
whether to follow & fly
or doubt & stay.

When we listen, AND follow
it may take some time
but if we are watching ever-so-carefully
the fog clears from our view

We can see the table set ever-so-perfectly
how His whispers grant us
the most bang for our little buck
and the best spot to land, after flying with faith.

We could not have known, for example
-that we would be moving to one of the cutest areas of Wisconsin
-that Trevor's job would keep us here longer than planned
-that the apartment we chose (sight unseen) was perfect for our little family's WI winter(corner spot, 5 miles from Trevor's work, heat included in rent)
-that we would share beautiful new friendships
-that there would be a mountain of opportunities for learning & growth

But then again, what is faith?

Faith is knowing that life offers hope and that divine guidance is real.

So I guess, all along...we knew.

For which, I am thankful.

What faith-required adventure are you thankful for today?

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