Thankful Thursday: December 17th

As we stroll through this week
ever-closer to next week's Eve & Day of celebration

students are finishing their last days of class 2009
parents are rushing-rushing to get those gifts wrapped
(or purchased?)
grandparents are excitedly counting down the days
children are jingling bells and dreaming of snow
(unless they live in Wisconsin, they don't have to dream of snow)

And most of us are filled with an extra pound or so of THANKS

It's the most wonderful time...of the year!

I've been thinking about Christmas traditions
And let me tell you, I love 'em.

One of my favorite Christmas to-do's
is Christmas CAROLING.

I love the thrill of planning out the houses/places to visit
The fun of getting together with friends or family--
A few classics on the list to sing, and out the door we go!!

We can see our breath as we sing a familiar tune
I smile, you smile, we all smile--
Seriously, how can you NOT smile if you are singing Christmas tunes on someone's front door...

...and likewise how can you NOT smile if someone knocks on your door to sing some Christmas cheer??

You can't NOT smile.
You must smile.
The joy if caroling is infectious.

The energy of the voices (not a practiced choir, but a willing one)
lifts up into the starry sky
perhaps angels are singing right along with us?

Last year we went caroling with a favorite family
This year we have yet to make our plans...
--To Carol or Not to Carol--

That is the question.

Point is--I'm thankful for caroling memories...
Both of being the carol-er and the carol-ee
Both are favorites.

What is one of your favorite Christmas traditions?

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