Thankful Thursday: March 18, 2010

March 18th...
as in the day after St. Patrick's Day

and the day before St. Ultrasound's Day

Just sayin'.
I'm so excited!

In the meantime, let's talk Thanks, shall we?

I'm thankful for the sunshine streaming through my bedroom window RIGHT NOW, and the awesome park playtime that we enjoyed with friends yesterday. I feel so much more alive when I get to walk around in sunshine and 60' temps!

I'm thankful for the blogs that I follow--so many fun ideas, inspirational stories, and family/friend updates! What did we DO before blogs??

I'm thankful for two successful finished projects over the last week--the butterfly princess cake, and helping with decorations for a special meeting at Church (theme: Joy in Seasons of life=seasonal decor).

I'm thankful for quiet morning time when the loudest noise is the *snap* *crackle* *pop* of my cereal.

I'm thankful for Mr. H's job--as crazy as it is that we are swiftly approaching our 1 year mark being here in temporary-land--there is peace in knowing that a paycheck is deposited every 2 weeks.

I'm thankful for the new nephew that will be born as soon as he decides that his Mama's womb is too small for (Cheering you on from the land of cheese!)

What's on your thankful list this week?


It's Me - Jen E! said...

I am thankful for:
- Warm, sunny days in Michigan (though they are calling for snow next week :{ )

- My awesome sister! Who I am so proud of as she will be graduating from her nursing program tomorrow.

- My hubby and children, who give me every reason to smile when I wake up.

- Trail Mix! ('nuff said...)

- Reading your blog...and getting excited about your ultrasound tomorrow (Since I am done with that stage of my life - I live vicariously through family members and friends who are pregnant!)


lisapenn said...

oohh, I cannot wait to find out! I bet it's a boy! They just seem to come in pairs, or triples, or quadruples, ok, you get the picture! ;)

Josh and Jolie said...

Today I am thankful for you Shara! Your upbeat, optimistic personality is contagious!! I'm glad I've caught your bug and I hope I'm never cured!! ;-)

Linda said...

when did you change the name of your log?bog? glob? blog?
seriously I have dyslexic vingers. finger.s