Thankful Thursday: March 25, 2010

Well, my friends...the lovely "SPRING" that I've been enjoying should really be called
a Spring Preview
or perhaps...
a Spring Trailer (like a movie trailer: short but shows the best parts)

We were warned that this would happen, so for the past several afternoons we have been OUTSIDE, breathing in the 40-50 degree air, soaking up some Vitamin D, and making sure to go on *family walks* when Mr. H returned home from work.

And today?

So far we're at 26 degrees...feeling like 14 degrees with the windchill.

So... I'll be sliding those flip flops back under my bed
at least for a few days--
looks like this particular Wintry Relapse will be short lived
And next week my toes will be happy again!

On with it, then...THANKFUL THURSDAY...

I've got a full AUNTIE heart of thanks for my 6 day old nephew, Blake Benjamin. He was born in Boston *at home* (mad props to my sis-in-law Jen!) and has the most beautiful face in the world. You know, you can't say that about all newborns.

I'm feeling quite grateful for the successful and exciting ultrasound we had last Friday afternoon...our ultrasound tech was friendly, there was a big screen to watch *the action*, and we walked away with a string of photos & a CD of our littlest baby boy!

I find myself offering daily thanks for Mr. H's job in this windy economic climate...he really isn't in place to do his *real job* at this point, and we're still waiting for the transfer, BUT he's still working & bringing home the bacon (er...something like that). AND he is preparing for a really cool work trip to NYC next month wherein he will be consulting on some very big, very cool construction projects (and staying in a hotel just down the street from Times Square...just sayin'). Thankful, thankful.

I received two cards this week that made me feel so blessed to have such kind and thoughtful friends and family. The two were completely unrelated but made me feel special, appreciated, and loved. Oh the power of a note in the mail! I need to send more out...

I am also feeling thankful that this pregnancy has been fairly low key so far & we're already half-way through! I retrieved the maternity wardrobe box from the garage yesterday but haven't opened it yet--I'm still wearing whatever in my closet still fits (which ends up being much more than I would have expected at this point, but that amount is quickly shrinking as I expand). I feel the baby move often, which is beyond amazing and J lets me sleep in AND take naps when I have more tiresome days.

Thankful, thankful, thankful.

What are YOU thankful for today?

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Miles said...

congratulations on your new nephew! i'm also thankful for low key, text book pregnancies!