Thankful Thursday: April 8, 2010

I bought some Easter candy yesterday for 50% off. There was TONS of it left (I wonder if everyone was in diet mode, hoping for summer to creep closer?), I'm sure it will go on a bigger sale but I couldn't resist the pastel peanut M&Ms.

They are my favorite.
Not the pastel colors, but the crunchy peanut goodness inside.


I bought two bags...should I have grabbed more?

Actually, ALL of the Easter *stuff* was on sale--the bunnies with their carrots, the baskets with their fluff, the bright colored gifts. I didn't really pay much attention to the rest of it.

I wondered later if we pay enough attention to the reality of it.

The real Easter.

Unlike my grabbing two bags on sale, Christ the Savior paid full price for EVERY SINGLE PERSON with His perfect life. He sacrificed for each of us. EACH ONE OF US. The grateful and then ungrateful alike.

He lived, served, and offered His sacrifice with the purest, softest, most all-encompassing kind of love. His love and sacrifice make it possible for all of us, imperfect and quirky as we are, to be cleansed and progress in our lives. What a love. What a sacrifice for sin.

And then!


On the third day...


The bonds of death were broken. He was resurrected. His body and spirit were united again and He literally fulfilled ancient prophecy. His resurrection also guaranteed a free gift to all of us. FREE.

He paid full price.

We get for free.

What a deal.

His resurrection means we will each, likewise, be resurrected (our bodies & spirits reunited) after death. There is no hope, no light, no love greater than this.

When we boil it all down (and set aside our boiled, decorated eggs), THIS is the greatest gift in our basket. We owe so much to Him who gave His all.

I feel so grateful to Him.
His love offers the ultimate hope and light in a dark world.
And really, who doesn't need hope & light?

I am grateful to know these truths.
And I am grateful that anyone can know about them too.

I am grateful for the confidence and peace that His life and gospel offer.
I am grateful to see His love in so many moments of my life--
I am grateful to celebrate His life, sacrifice, and resurrection at this beautiful season...

...all the way down to pastel M&Ms.

Are you feelin' the love?

*I am not anti-Easter bunny, but I am pro-shift-the-focus.


Linda said...

I was nodding the whole way through this one...loved it. Thank you...needed it! You are a great writer...thanks for writing!

Amy and the boys said...

Love the comparisons and love this post! I think the bunny is kinda like santa for christmas. the kids get all excited about them and it's our job to help them know the real meanings while enjoying the treats and traditions that go along with the holidays. i took plastic easter eggs to my CTR 5 class and hid them under their chairs and we compared opening the eggs to the opening of the tomb and having a wonderful surprise come out. glad to hear you aren't anti-bunny. thanks for this post!

Shannon said...

Wow. That was great Shara!