Thankful Thursday: May 13, 2010

I woke up to the harmonic drippity dings of raindrops hitting metal (a/c vent nestled into our wall)...and when a day starts out with raindrops, you know I'm a-smilin'.

For one thing, our grass and trees have been tirelessly begging for rain ever since the snow melted.

For another thing, rain reminds me of my southern home sweet home.

And for that other thing over there--don't May showers bring June flowers??

...I'm just sayin'--I'm thankful for the glistening drops o' water.

And of course, since today IS Thursday:

~I've got a splatter of thanks to add to the pitter patter on my patio~

~I'm thankful for our quiet apartment home. Even with the recent drama with management(*shudder*) and being scrunched into a small living space, it really is a nice little spot. You can't beat being nestled by the woods like this.

~I'm thankful for a man who is willing to take the time to be a good Daddy. Last night I came home to 2 cuddling sweeties, covered in blankets and surrounded by piles of books. They both looked like they were having the time of their lives.

~I'm thankful for my association with amazing women who inspire me. Women who I call friends and family as well as women whose lives have never crossed paths with my own. There is an energy that can be shared when one woman lights a path with her attitude and abilities. I need a regular dose of that kind of energy!

~I'm thankful for the confidence that comes in knowing Who is really in charge. I have to admit, as our time here in limbo-land nears the 1 year mark, it is easy to feel frustrated. The only way to balance out the fears, frustrations, and unanswered questions is to back up and re-fill my engine with the faith that lead us here in the first place. And really, with God in charge of the detours, can I really complain?

~I'm thankful for the little one that we will meet in less than 3 months. His movements remind me of the blessing of motherhood; a blessing I should never take for granted. I admit, the thought of adding newborn to the ever-changing, unscripted toddler adventure does leave me a bit uncomfortable at best...but I know that I will figure it out. (Not without the help of some of those amazing women and some of that faith-confidence mentioned above)

What thankful thoughts are pouring from your heart today?

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