Toddler Tales: Spring Walks

Now that we're over half-way through the month of MAY--the plants have slurped up the rainy days and bathed in the sunny days and I *think* I can safely say that we are standing smack dab in the middle of a Wisconsin SPRING!

***Insert a jubilant chorus of twitterpated robins***

I'm convinced that one of the best healing balms for the winter-surviving soul is to pack up our winter gear (goodbye gloves, hats, scarves, and boots!) and replace one's closet space with spring and summer options (hello sandals, flip flops, sunglasses and swimwear!).

We made the switch-a-roo a few weeks ago (coordinating also with the breaking out of my maternity garb) and I tell you what--J loves his sandals as much as I love my flip flops!

To take advantage of the fabulous temperature and getting-greener-everyday landscape, we have been going on walks.

We go on walks just the two of us during the day and with Daddy in the afternoon. Sometimes we take long walks (which usually involve a stroller) and sometimes we take short walks.

A few weeks ago, I was re-enforcing for J the road vs. grass concept and so we would say "grass" and walk on the grass, and then "road" and walk along the edge of the road (in the confines of our safe neighborhood, dontchyou-worry!). He got it down pretty fast, and he went on to point out many more outside beauties (trees, cars, waters, birds, bugs, flowers, & bridges ...just to name a few).

Earlier today, J requested that we go on a walk.
To do this, he points outside, and says "wak? wak?"
If I don't get it the first time, he tries again: "wak? wak?"
If I'm STILL not on the ball (or even if I am but I am not moving fast enough), he brings me my shoes & then stands by the door...poised & ready to go. So today instead of flip flops I wore tennis shoes, because those were the ones he brought to me. They are probably the better choice anyway...

On the walk, he started weaving back & forth along our path.
It took me a minute, but when I listened to what he was saying
"Gess, Gess" and then "Woad, Woad"
I realized he was mimicking the learning activity we had a few weeks ago--
Walking a few steps in the GRASS, and then a few steps on the ROAD


Once we are home again, we have a routine.
He stands by the door with his hands on the wall--leaning toward the wall with one foot up. That is my cue to take off a shoe. Then he alternates feet & I take off the other shoe. We started this in the winter when it is absolutely imperative that you take off your shoes as soon as you get inside (you can imagine. snowy-muddy-slush. *shudder*). It has carried through into the spring, and it's pretty darn cute to watch. Mr. H gets a kick out of it every time.
We go straight from there to the bathroom to wash our hands.

So far, spring has proven itself worth the wait. The sun-filled afternoons, budding greenery, and afternoon walks are just the beginning of a beautiful relationship that will quickly morph into summer.

I'm in no rush, though.

This is our last spring just the two of us, my toddler & I...and these are walks to remember.


Linda said...

Reminds me a little of the walks with you in Manchester when we were in the apartments...then Dad would come home and we would go out again. I remember you playing in the puddles, and us going down the road to see the HUGE horse in the field...

Ruth said...