Toddler Tales: Say It With Gusto!

I've said it before & I'll say it again--
this toddler language adventure is nothing less than amazing.

"OH NO!"
The other night, Mr. H read a Curious George book to J (one of their favorites to read together). When they got to the page where George fell into the water, J pointed and said with full emotional concern: "OH NO!!" It was the first time he had responded with those words. I was surprised with the dramatic tone he used--he was really worried about George!

Of course, George was rescued, but it wasn't too many pages later until he was in another predicament. J responded the same way when they read about that part: "OH NO!" We have got to get it on video, just writing it down doesn't convey the emotion in his little voice.

"Wow Wow WOW!"

When J experiences/sees something new or impressive, his usual response is "wow" but sometimes it is "wow wow WOW" (with an extra syllable of emphasis on the last 'wow'). The other day we were shopping at Old Navy & he noticed some flashing lights on a sign. He points and with complete excitement exclaims: "wow wow WOW!"

He usually gets a little extra attention from people around us when he says this. Hilarious!

I suppose the most entertaining part is that he makes these announcements with such energy, thrill, and gusto. His voice is raised and all attention is on him. He defines that moment by his dramatic reaction.

What would happen if we all walked around this way?
If I saw something awesome at a store and exclaimed "wow wow WOW!" with a gleam in my eye...oh wait, I think I have done that before...

Have you?

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Linda said...

yeah, I am pretty sure he got that FROM YOU!