Toddler Tales: The Clean Gene

This weekend Old Navy had a 30%off-everything sale...so J & I ventured out after our Saturday afternoon naps to check it out. As we headed deeper into the racks and rows of clothes, J noticed some of the hangers & clothes (particularly in the most-on-sale-items area) --gasp--on the floor.

He pointed to the mess & exclaimed: "UH OH! UH OH!" and then proceeded to explain to the other customers what clearly needed to happen: "Een up! Een up!" (clean up! clean up!)

This has happened other places as well (in the park when he sees trash on the ground, in other stores where people have knocked things over, etc). My reply is usually something like: "that's right Jackson--someone definitely needs to clean up this mess!" If it's something easy/small then I'll do it. I keep forgetting that mental note to myself to carry an extra plastic bag with me to pick up trash at the parks/other outside places.

The boy knows when things need to be cleaned up, that's for sure.

The great thing is, he's also an excellent cleaner-upper.

Thank goodness he got that clean gene from his Daddy!

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Emily said...

I bet you're grateful for that! :)