Thankful Thursday: July 8, 2010

Mr. H is at work today
upstairs in the office in our bedroom!

Toddler J is flying today
downstairs with his fleet of airplanes!

I am online to blog my thanks today
anywhere I want--the wireless is hooked up!

Thanks, Thanks, Thanks.

We have now been in our new home for 2 weeks. Moving isn't easy, fun, or glamorous...but we are starting to feel more settled--for which I am grateful.

We keep wondering why this process is taking longer than it did last time...oh yeah--a 2 year old + a 34 week belly + a constant flow of work in Mr. H's inbox. *sheesh*!

At any rate, I have PLENTY to be thankful for on this fine Thursday mornin'--

  • The rain that has cooled the temps down *a bit*
  • My amazing honey who has done SO MUCH to make this move easy & efficient--even with all the demands of work (we're talking 65-ish hr/week)
  • My darling 2 year old who is teaching me new levels of patience and love--and!! who finally has eased back into his 'normal' waking schedule
  • The above-mentioned technology upgrade (wireless! yes.yes.yes, I am so spoiled!)
  • A 3rd car that arrived in our driveway last night (company vehicle for Mr. H the traveling man)--we will soon be saying a fond farewell to the Trusty Justy
  • Central air...we'll see how THANKFUL I feel when the first bill arrives...tall ceilings are not very practical!
  • Lessons we are learning--how to do the 'work at home' thing, how to deal with random tantrums, how to shrink swollen ankles, how to manage the tollways, how to clean crayon from the carpet...
  • A birth team (doula + midwives) that I trust completely
  • Sweet corn & blueberries
'Nuff said. What's plentiful on your Thankful plate today?


It's Me - Jen E! said...

Today, I am thankful for:
- A new house that is quickly coming together and becoming a home.
- A 2 year old that loves, loves, loves his new bottom bunk and sleeps all night!
- An 8 year old that doesn't mind sharing a room with his 2 year old brother. And who also happens to LOVE his upper bunk!
- Carry out!
- The promise of evening storms that will *hopefully* cool us off a bit.
- A birthday tomorrow, which means I somehow survived another year - ha!
- Weekend guests.
- A sitter for Saturday night so we can have an adult night out.

Olive said...

I am thankful that toddler "terrible two tantrums" are just a sign of healthy growing independence. If I keep saying it enough, I might actually believe it!

Olive said...

I am thankful that toddler "terrible two tantrums" are just a sign of healthy growing independence. If I keep saying it enough, I might actually believe it!

Linda said...

Well, after several days of working on the project when he could...Dad finally got the gas stovetop in! I cooked an egg and some fettucine to try it out. Now we need the gas company to do an inspection , I think, and then I can put the ton of stuff back in the cabinet.

it is going to be different but I think I will like it! I better...the guy was under the house a lot...that can't be all that fun! ( but he sort of loves to do new stuff...the challenge? saving the money?...learning new things?)

JosephJ said...

I am thankful that Swim Lessons started for Ian just in time for the hottest week of the year.

Thankful that Jen and Ian went on a Mother/Son date last night, as they have needed some time together.

Thankful for Yellow Squash to remind me of Grandmama and Granddaddy last night.

Thankful for how soap and cold water can wash away poison ivy before it soaks into my delicate skin.

Linda said...

I had squash today!