Toddler Tales: A Few Lately-Isms

I want to make sure I document a few of the things that Toddler J is up to lately...since I know I will be busy soon with Baby N and I have learned that these things he does only last *so long* before he changes his style and I'm left wondering "what was that he said again?"

Because, let's face it.

The Toddler World is in a constantly shifting state of orbit.
What was "normal" yesterday is re-defined today...and as a mother, I'm just trying to hold on as tightly as I can!

So, feel free to join me in a few mini-discussions of what has been "normal" as of late...

The Belt

I posted some pic over here about our recent choice to add duct tape to J's diaper before naptime and bedtime. This has proven a successful venture, as our instances of diaper-less bums after sleepytime has dropped significantly. In fact, I don't think he has been able to (or perhaps he hasn't attempted?) get it off once since we started doing this consistently. The duct tape has just become a part of the routine--we call it his "belt". He lifts up his shirt and watches as we tape it on, pleased to be sporting a shiny belt around his middle.

Whatever works, right?

Potty: The Motions

J has recently become very insistent about using the potty. Er...I mean...sitting on the potty. He requests to sit on the potty almost every time he sees me go into a bathroom (which is quite often these days, folks...Baby N isn't leaving me much bladder space) and even more so after each diaper change. He can't stand to have a wet diaper on so he lets me know prompty to change it and while I'm changing it he asks "paw-ee, paw-ee" until I give in and let him run his little 1/2 naked self into the bathroom. Sometimes he sits on the froggy potty but mostly he has been preferring to sit on the big boy potty. He holds on with his little chubby fingers (saying "tight! tight!") and then gingerly takes a square of toilet tissue to "wipe" and then he's done (he has watched me too many times--totally mimicking my actions) and jumps down (not having released anything INTO the potty, but having gone through the motions).

I figure, getting used to sitting there & going through the motions is a great way to create positive potty vibes, yes?

Melting Our Hearts

About 3 months ago, Mr. H left a love note on the fridge before he went to work. It said "I *heart* you, Jackson". It was so sweet, we left it up for at least a couple of weeks and J loved that he had his own special note. We talked about the letters in his name and the colors on the page but the part that he liked the MOST was the heart shape.

I told him "heart means love".

And ever since then, when he sees a heart he will identify the shape "haht" and then immediately say "love". He says love with extra-sweet emphasis, drawing out the vowel sound: "looouuhv". It is one of our favorite things to hear him say.

ALSO! He has just begun to say "I love you" --all three words together and without being prompted. So far, it sounds more like "I luh-eewww" there anything sweeter?

Baby Belly

We talk about Baby Nathan a lot. We pray for him, we sing to him, we point to him in my belly, we point out the baby gear that is popping up around our home. Despite all of our efforts, I'm pretty sure J thinks we have just given my growing middle a "name" just for the fun of it. He probably has a name in his mind to call his belly and maybe he thinks everyone has a special 'baby name' for their protruding tummy.

Obviously, the idea of a baby joining our family or a brother is too abstract and foreign for him to really "get it", but there are a few things he has started to do that are just too cute not to mention.

Ever since the first time he heard the baby's heartbeat at one of my prenatal appointments--he has identified that sound-- "schweeousch-schweeoucsh" with my belly & Baby N. So if I have my shirt up (often, to itch the darn skin!), he'll hurry to place his fingers on my belly and squeeze some skin while making the doppler sound effects. Sometimes he lifts his own shirt up and goes through the same motions.

Also, we have tried to emphasize 'being gentle' and 'being quiet' around The Baby. He has started to be extra gentle with certain of his toys and saying "shhh baby sleep" whenever he puts them down for their 'naps'. Hopefully this has trained him adequately for Baby N's arrival.


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