To Do List

Before Baby Comes:

-pick a middle name & spelling
-choose/coordinate going home outfit
-diaper bag + stock (NB diapers, wipes, lotion, burp cloths, blanket, flower headband, socks, nail clippers)
-hospital bag + stock (my clothes, breastfeeding must-haves (bra, Newman's ointment, pads), labor snacks, chapstick, toiletries, camera(s?), memory card, netbook, journal, lotion, drinks, hard candies?, birth plan + chocolates for nurses, boppy pillow, robe, slippers, socks, nail clippers, head band, contact lists, positive affirmation cards :), chargers (phone, camera, etc), pillow, thank you notes)
-NB diaper stock
-set up her bed area & drawers for her clothes
-wash, dry, fold, organize 0-3 mo. clothes
-type up BOYS schedule/list for caretaker
-verify caretaker info & get backup
-pack a bag for both boys if they need to go somewhere
-Trevor's bag
-car gas tank 1/2 full at all times
-wash & ready baby car seat
-find & prep baby monitors
-make plan for Nathan's sleeping arrangements
-write a letter to my each of my children
-maternity shoot 

Before Holidays

-finish downstairs update
-towels, sheets, linens ready for guests
-turkey/ham purchased & in freezer
-other foods, snacks, treats or ingredients purchased
-gifts chosen, made, purchased & mailed to H family members
-gifts chosen, made, purchased & mailed to J family name drawing
-write preliminary Christmas letter...
-get pictures printed to go with Christmas letter (?)
-finish prep for RS party 
-contact VTees
-finish Christmas gifts for boys, wrap, & ready
-choose one or two family traditions to enjoy & prep for them
-a few decorations in house
-new PJs for everyone?
-go through/organize closets, under beds, & garage
-cut J's hair
-...sometime a VAN!

Things I Can Cross Off Already To Make Myself Feel Better

-haircut scheduled
-prenatal (mayan abdominal) massage scheduled
-OB appointment scheduled
-flu shots for Nathan & Trevor
-downstairs family room painted (3 coats white, 2 coats tan: CHECK)
-new couch purchased (Big Lots sale, yes we can!)
-very simple Thanksgiving dinner plans with friends
-VT almost done for the month
-sent thank yous, sent Nov. bday greetings
-Christmas tree: UP!
-doula(s) found, interviewed, met with, & paid
-playgroup list turned in
-tithing settlement done
-laundry (bah! It's never ending!)
-temporarily disabled my sewing machine so all the sewing projects in my head just CAN'T happen right now. taking them OFF my list--that is a relief and a stress--
-stocked with size 4 diapers
-called my Mom on her birthday :)



It's Me - Jen E! said...

*sheesh* I think I had a panic attack just reading that list!
Good luck with all of your to-do's!

Linda said...

i know too. very.