MPAD {MarchPhotoADay} Day 6

Day 6: 5pm
Miss N            03.06.12 @ 5pm

at our house is never quite the same
since our schedules are not consistent

This evening, it means...

N is at the kitchen island
(eating peas out of a metal measuring cup)

J is practicing his jumping skills
(between the couch, a quilt, and the rug--jumping over the squares, of course)

Miss N is laying her beautifully handmade quilt 
(tummy time watching the sun begin to set)

Mr. H is making phone calls
(arranging for tune ups & check ups for both vehicles)



Well, I took the above pic of Miss N (I wanted the clock to be in the background but it didn't quite work as I had envisioned it...and right when I thought it would, she spit up and then started crying--tummy time OVER) and now I'm off to get ready for a special presentation about Portugal for the ladies at Church.

The Mr. will be in charge of the rest of the evening,
Miss N & I are outa here!

I'm taking a photo and posting every day during the month of March, as I am participating in the March Photo A Day Challenge. All of the photos I will post will be SOOC (Straight Out Of Camera). I'm excited to document pieces of my world, learn more how to master my lens, & share with you on my personal blog. Want to join me?

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