We Do It All For The Samples

Our (loud) dishwasher is a'swishing,
the kids are finally done with all the bedtime requests
(I need to tell you something...I need some more water...I need to go to the bathroom again...)
and Mr. H is catching up with his mother (and they love to get riled up over politics).

I scoot back in the chair at the round white table and I think about the day--from the morning rushing around (and curling Miss N's hair), to the busy-ness of the Church day (and Miss A refusing to go to nursery--what!?), to the afternoon getting home rush (and Mr N's gleefully choosing our late lunch eats), to the evening walk (and Mr J's creative observations of the shapes of the fall tinted trees), to the dinner chatter (and Mr. H's jokes that keeps everyone in giggles).

And I feel so tired.
And I feel so grateful for the little moments.

Figuring out the balance and dance of getting through the daily ev.ery.thing. feels like one big, special, ridiculously exhausting event--peppered with the most savory tasty morsels. Like the samples at Costco.

Which we all love the most.

So we'll go to bed feeling worn out from all of it...and we'll do it again in the morning, from the morning rush to the bedtime blusters. Because, those tasty morsels of sweet connecting with the ones we cherish the most--they are always worth it.


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